Thursday, September 8, 2011

The past few weeks

Things have been busy around here the past few weeks. First I spent a wonderful weekend in Columbus OH at Context 24. It was a wonderful to meet up with friends that I have made over the years. I already have plans to go back again next year.There seemed to be fewer in attendance then last year but it was still a real enjoyable time.

I got back from that and immediately switched into Labor Day mode. Each Labor Day we have a giant tent sale outside of our store. This year was the biggest by far we have ever done. Nearly twice the size of previous years. The first two days we had it out was very hot. nearly 100 degrees both days but we did have quite a crowd come in. Sunday and Monday got rained out unfortunately. This will be fixed in the near future as we are purchasing a larger tent and we will be able to still hold the sale no matter what the weather is. 

Saturday was a good day. We had Lynn Tincher and Michael Williams up from Blackwyrm publishing. They are two delightful authors and we had a good time just talking between them selling books. Lynn also runs Other World Publications so i had a chance to talk to her about some publishing things. They are doing a pitch to the publisher event this November that we will be taking part in. Spots are limited so register today to a spot to see us and pitch us your book.

Now that I am done for the year heading to conventions and Labor Day is over we can start planning our next big event. The 2nd Annual That Book Place Authors Fair. This past year at the inaugural event we made some mistakes but still had a great time. We held it in honor of our 5 year anniversary and we liked it so much we decided to keep doing it. I mentioned earlier that we are getting a new tent. This tent will be large enough to hold all of the authors under it so that we can make sure the event happens rain/shine/snow or what ever comes our way.

This past year we had 30 authors here. This coming up one we are shooting between 40-50. We have several lined up already but still several spots opened. If you are interested please don't hesitate to get in contact with me

That's all for now hopefully now that things have calmed down here I will be able to make more regular posts.

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